General tenancy terms and conditions

General tenancy terms and conditions


Terms of sales

  • Your reservation will be definite once we have received a 30% deposit of the total booking amount + booking fees. You will receive a written confirmation and you need to pay the balance 30 days before your arrival.
  • Accepted means of payment: credit card, bank transfer.
  • Reservations less than 30 days before arrival: the total reservation amount will be asked at your reservation. In this case, cheques aren’t accepted.
  • If you don’t pay the balance 30 days before your arrival, the campsite owner has the right to cancel the reservation. No refund of your deposit + booking fees.
  • It is strictly forbidden to rent the pitch or accommodation to third persons.
  • Floor plans and pictures in the flyer or on our websites are non-contractual.
  • Rental prices shown include VAT (10%). VAT rates may be subject to change or correction after publication of our tariffs and before your booking. In that case you accept to pay the difference between the former price and the new price. Price changes will not affect bookings that we have already confirmed with you. Other service fees: 20% VAT.
  • The deposit payment implies acceptance of the present general tenancy terms and conditions.
  • The wishes of the guests about pitches and rentals will be taken into account by the management team, however, no guarantee is made as to their realization. The final assignment to the different clients will be according to their booking order.


Information and rates

  • Rates quoted are guaranteed until December 31st. The campsite reserves the right to change the rates at any time beyond the date indicated. The stays will be invoiced on the basis of the rates in force on the day of the reservation, and this, subject to the availabilities. It is advisable to check the applicable rate by contacting the campsite directly.
  • Offers and promotions are no retroactiv and can not be combined with another one.
  • Fees for water, gas and electricity are included in the price.
  • Tourist tax 2020: amount varying according to the communes and depending on the prefectural classification of each campsite, it is collected on behalf of the municipality and it is payable at the latest on the day of your arrival. 0,35€/day/pers (18 years and older)

Any modification of your reservation regarding the number of persons needs to be notified at your arrival (extra tourist tax). In case of false declarations, the present agreement will be dissolved. No refund of your deposit, balance + booking fees.

  • For security reasons, it is strictly forbidden to occupy a rental accommodation with more persons than the number of persons as indicated in the rental description (a baby is considered as a person). If the number of persons exceeds the number of persons as indicated in the rental description, the campsite owner has the right to cancel the reservation. For example: 4/6 persons means that the rental accommodation is recommended for 4 persons but 6 persons are allowed to stay in the accommodation (settee bed).
  • Pets are welcome. One pet per rental accommodation, two pets per pitch. Pets need to be silent, kept on a lead and their owners need to clean up their droppings. Valid vaccination certificate obligatory. French categories 1 and 2 dogs are forbidden.
  • Additional fees: rental prices don’t include charged services as: laundry, bicycle rental, barbecue and fridge rental, sheet rental…
  • Deposits: A deposit of 300 euros is required for rentals. For campers, 20 euros for the barrier keys. You can deposit with bank card or by cash. A check-out will be done at your departure. We ask you to billing follow consigns which will be given at your arrival. Deposits are returned upon departure.
  • Rental cleaning is responsibility of the customer. However, he can pay for a cleaning package 60 euros or 80 euros, depending of the type of rental. If this option is not taken out and the cleaning is not done properly, according to the instructions given at the arrival, the amount of the cleaning package (60/80€) will be retained on the deposit or invoiced.
  • Considering the legal and regulatory measures and NF P90-360 safety standards, we inform our major and minor guests that the access to and the use of the unsupervised campsite swimming pool during it’s opening and closure hours will be entirely at their own responsibility. In any case of accident neither the owners of the campsite nor the campsite itself are responsible.
  • « In the event of a dispute and after having seized the client’s » customer service « , any client of the campsite has the possibility of seizing a consumer mediator within a maximum of one year from the date of the complaint Written by LRAR to the operator. The contact details of the mediator that can be seized by the client are as follows: The CMAP (Center for Mediation and Arbitration of Paris – CCI of Paris) Referred by Internet by filling the form provided for this purpose: www.cmap. Contact by e-mail: Referral by post: 39, avenue FD Roosevelt 75008 PARIS Phone: 01 44 11 95 40
  • Image right: the campsite has the free right to use pictures which has been taken of you and your children during your stay, for campsite publicity. We wish to thank all our guests whose pictures have been used during the season 2014.

Your stay

  • Rental accommodations: arrival between 4pm and 7 pm, departure before 10 am.
  • Weekend package : one or two nights, arrival on friday or saturday from 2pm, departure on saturday, sunday or monday before 2pm.
  • Pitches: arrival from 2 pm, departure before noon.
  • Compulsory insurance
  • Rental insurance: It is mentioned that the rental is only insured for furniture and equipment belonging to SARL MARGIS. The roomer shall insure himself against damage of any kind liable to incur liability. The owner also declines all responsibility in case of theft, deterioration of objects belonging to the roomer.
  • No smoking in the rental accommodations.
  • Between 10 pm and 8 am, the campsite gate will be closed. Silence is required. The traffic is forbidden. In case of urgency, you can call the urgency numbers which are labelled on the door of the reception desk.
  • For safety and regulation reasons, aquatic spaces are forbidden to any visitor.
  • In case of delayed arrival: You must inform the campsite to conserve your reservation. If not, the campsite owner has the right to rent the pitch or rental accommodation to other customers. Late arrival, early departure, voluntary or involuntary interruption of the stay will not lead to any refund after the beginning of the stay.



  • Le Village des Meuniers propose you to subscribe a cancellation insurance. It takes in charge, with certain conditions, the refund of all or a part of your stay. It is available for all the people mentioned in the reservation.
  • Le Village des Meuniers will not make any refund for any reason.
  • Subscription to cancellation insurance is strongly recommended. The amount of 4% of the stay is payable only when booking.
  • Cancellation insurance covers the refund of the subsistence costs, after deduction of the costs of the file and the amount of this insurance, on presentation of proof of cancellation and in the following cases:
  • Serious illness, hospitalization, death of the insured, his / her spouse, descendants or ascendants,
  • Death of a brother, sister, brother-in-law, sister-in-law
  • Requiring the presence of the insured on the day of departure due to theft, fire or natural elements affecting the residence of the insured or his vehicle,
  • The economic dismissal of the insured or his spouse

These events are only given as an example. All conditions are available on our website or on request to the reservations department.

  • In case of cancellation on your part, the down payment will not be refund.
  • Each started stay is due in full.
  • Any discount will be granted in the case of a delayed arrival or advanced departure.