Activities and leisure

Starting from the Camping Le Village des Meuniers, a multitude of varied activities available to you. To spend quality time with family or friends.

Fabienne & Philippe’s favorites ♥


– THE DONKEYS OF FRANCIS at Tramayes (15 min):

Shared pleasure in marching in the donkey. Discover the trails of Upper Cluny, of Upper Burgundy, the rhythm of Francis donkeys … Enjoy the scenery hedged farmland, forests, ridges … Discover the flora and fauna … Walk on the road to St-Jacques-de Compostela to Puy … with family or friends, go for a walk and share some quality time in the company of these animals so endearing.


– ADVENTURE IN THE FOREST at Bergessin (10 min):

Acro’Bath Nature Leisure Park! Relax, you’re in the woods!


– PLASSARD THE SHEEP AND SPINNING at Varennes sous Dun (30 min):

Transforms a ball of wool sheep. Put yourself in the shoes of a shepherd and follow the thread of events that will lead you to the fleece of the sheep to the ball of yarn.


– TOUROPARC at Romanèche-Thorins (45 min):

Zoo and leisure. Traverse five continents in one day! This is the challenge that offers you Touroparc! The Asian elephant through the Niger giraffe, not forgetting the famous white tiger, any wildlife is there to guarantee you a change of scenery. In all, 800 animals of 140 different species (12 hectares)! Do not miss the various snacks animals where trainers bring you full information about their protégés. Try the many attractions: Amazon’Adventure, monorail, train rides, carousel … But also with water slides and paddling pool (from 01/07 to 31/08 water). On-site restaurant, snacks, bars, picnic area and gift shop.


– Hamlet DUBOEUF at Romanèche-Thorins (45 min):

The site UNIQUE IN EUROPE. Whether you are with family or friends, expert or novice, the Hameau Duboeuf invites you into a magical world dedicated to vines and wine! Extended over 30,000 m2 in the heart of Beaujolais, it reveals a fun and original way the secrets of our vineyards, their origins, locations and techniques. Dynamic theater of automata, 3D movie, museum, Adventure Golf, tastings … There’s something for everyone and for all ages.


– TELESKI NAUTICAL at Crèches sur Saône (30 min)

On Lake Creches sur Saone . The team accompanies you in the Lake discovery and water skiing, wakeboarding, skate and wake kneeboard.



A hobby that is to use the technique of geo-positioning satellite (GPS) to search for treasure (called « cache » or « cache »). Once cache found, the geocacher takes an object in the container and let an exchange. Small objects worthless generally the content of a typical cache.


– THE AIR SPORTS: (40 min)

ULM, Ballooning, gliding, exploring the area from above.


– Karting at Ozan (20 min)


– Quad rental (on site)

Ozan karting is pleased to welcome you on its karts from 7 years.


– Macon Golf (30min):

Both courses extend over 250 acres of woods, valleys and lakes, around a castle of the nineteenth century, offering good prospects and a few drops. 18 holes 71-9 through 27 holes.


– Fishing pond and river

Ponds offer the opportunity to fish after buying a card at some retailers:
• Pond of Millade (Montmelard) (10 min)
• Pond of The Palissade (Dompierre-les-Ormes) (15 min)
• Pond of Pézanin (Dompierre-les-Ormes) (15 min)
• Pond Paluet (Matour) (10 min)
RIVER « GROSNE » Fishing 1st category up Clermain



221 km of Greenways appointed on old railroad tracks and along towpaths, 54 km from Blue Way along the Saône. The Greenways are safe cycle paths and open to any non-motorized traffic. They offer a smooth, rolling and coating equipment and services (parks, water points, toilets, picnic areas, shelters, bike rentals, …) are available along these routes.
An example circuit: De Cluny Cormatin – 14km – 1:15 – Family level. Take the opportunity to see the Abbey of Cluny and the magnificent castle of Cormatin.


– A Gourmet finding: Chocolates DUFOUX to the Clayette (20 min):

Voted best chocolate in France. It opens its doors for a tour of its laboratories.