Nature and discovery

You will discover a landscape of great diversity and protected (Natura 2000): forests, mountains « mountainous » valleys and mountains.


In the valleys, pastures just above the vineyards. On the heights, are extensive areas with a clean vegetation region, Teppe, a sort of grassy tundra dotted with bushes and hedgerows, with a dense network of sources and streams.
Each panorama is a new discovery and a renewed wonder.
It is a single and multiple Burgundy, discover these many facets.



Solutré and Vergisson: Classified site protected largest site in France. Superb limestone escarpment characteristic profile emerging from the vineyards of Macon. Its summit is a landscape of breathtaking view awaits you.
This site is famous in the field of prehistory. It was here that was identified for the first time a stone tool designated therefore Solutrean (18,000 to 15,000 years BC).
Dominated by the famous Solutré, real rocky outcrop in the middle of a vineyard with famous wines, this unique place is frequented by humans for over 57,000 years.
Rock Solutré: a path leads to the Crot Charnier and then at the top of the rock (493 m). The course provides extensive views over the Saône valley, the Bresse region, the Jura and, on a clear day, the Alps.
Departmental Museum of Prehistory: buried at the foot of the rock, the museum evokes successively prehistoric archeology South Mâcon, horses and hunts the Upper Paleolithic in Solutré and, finally Solutrean in the European context. These three areas are separated by a colon privileged view outside: the Saône valley and the Solutré rock.
The barn wood: exceptional view of the Solutré and the Vergisson on the plain of the Saone and Bresse.
At the top, you will have an impressive view of all the vineyards of the Mâcon.


The other points of view unavoidable near the campsite:
Bute Suin (Charolles between Cluny – 10 min): A trail leads to the statue of the Virgin (593 m), where there is a viewpoint. From there unfolds a magnificent circular panorama.
Mother Case (Tramayes – 20 min): Open landscape (758 m) over the Beaujolais and Mâconnais mountains
Mont Saint Cyr (Montmelard – 10 minutes): the highest summit of Southern Burgundy (771 m)



Pézanin Arboretum (Dompierre-les-Ormes – 3 minutes): On 27 hectares including 4 ha of water, this arboretum is rich of nearly 450 species of trees and shrubs from around the world. Three marked trails. Fishing allowed.
Rose Garden Charrières (Trambly – 10 min): English landscape garden type. Collection of 550 varieties of roses. rare trees and shrubs. Perennials and grasses.
Rose Garden Clunisienne (Cluny – 15 min): Hundreds of roses.
Gardens Singles (Cluny – 20mn): Medicinal plants inspired by the medieval monastic tradition.
When visiting the castles, you will also discover their gardens also features one all the others.



Caves of Blanot (35 min): these caves are sinking more than 80 m deep. Showing 21 rooms and end circuit, a showcase presents a sampling flints and animal bones found there since 1988 and dated to the Mousterian period (100 000 to 40 000 years ago).
Azé caves: this prehistoric site consists of a museum (about 2000 pieces mostly coming from excavations) and caves which are accessed by an arboretum; the first 208 m long, was successively a bear refuge caves, prehistoric men. In a second underground river that flows a landscaped circuit traces 800 m.
Careers of the Lie (La Roche Vineuse – 20 min): limestone stone quarries exploited since Roman times to the beginning of the last century.
House of heritage in South Burgundy (Matour – 10mn): Interpretation Centre heritage of the region divided on 3 main areas: Nature, History, Traditions. Permanent exhibition on 800 sqm.
House Charolais (Charolles – 20 minutes): Located in the heart of the cradle of Charolais cattle breed, the House of Charolais welcomes you for a fun discovering the world of Livestock and Charolais, with its interactive museum space. End of the visit, tasting grilled Charolais.
On Earth the Charollais beef attend a cattle fair where negotiations are still en franc!
House of Humour and Wine (Cluny – 15 min): Space museum dedicated to the laughter and humor in all its forms. Tasting and wine sales.